Ageing & future shock

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Thu Apr 23 13:18:35 EST 1992

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>>    How do you feel about being part of the last generation of "die youngs"?

I feel like a pennyless and hungry child looking in the window of a bakery
shop from the outside and smelling the aroma of freshly baked pasteries.  
The foutain of youth is so near and yet it will probably remain beyond the 
grasp of the current generation of researchers.

We, the current generation, may be lucky enough to prolong the our lives
by becoming addicted to hormone supplements.  This certainly is an improvement, 
but it's a far cry from the holy grail of preventing our biological clocks 
from ticking.

I hope that the answers are found soon because running our biological clocks in 
reverse is probably a much more difficult problem than just preventing them 
from ticking. 

Hormone supplements, such as HGH, don't provide a very satisfactory solution 
because, as we age, more and more sub-systems within the body will shut 
down and require artifical support.  We need a way to prevent those
sub-systems from shutting down in the first place.

How do you feel about being the last generation addicted to a plethora of
artifical hormone supplements?

- Larry French

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