extending the lifespan: problems and questions

Elaine Shiner AP490007 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Fri Apr 17 11:36:11 EST 1992

Albert Rosenfeld discusses some of the ethical and economic consequences of
extending the human life span in his book, Prolongevity (New York : Knopf,
1976).  There is an updated version, Prolongevity II (New York : Knopf, 1985),
which I have not read.  Obviously, the ethical and economic problems involved
are enormous.  Personally, I think most people's resistance to the idea of
life extension is psychological. (1) Most people (consciously or unconsciously)
 think it blasphemous for human beings to challenge their "alloted" life span.
(2) Thinking about extendng the human life span involves thinking about
mortality.  People don't like to think about their own mortality.  They try to
avoid thinking about it for as long as they can. (3) People can't believe it's
really possible to significantly extend the life span.

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