Interesting book on ageing

Thu Apr 16 03:47:00 EST 1992

   Just thought I'd mention an interesting book that I recently
acquired titled "Aging, Sex, and DNA Repair", by Carol and Harris
Bernstein (Academic Press, 1991, ISBN 0-12-092860-4). To excerpt a little
from the first paragraph: "Both aging and sexual reproduction (sex)
reflect a universal property of life, vulnerability of the genetic
material to damage. This idea, and the evidence bearing on it, are the
subject of this book..."
  The basic thesis is that sexual reproduction's primary "purpose"
is to transmit good (error corrected) DNA to offspring; recombination
of genes from both parents is the key. This is my current understanding;
I've not read the book completely and in detail yet (nor am I formally
a biologist, yet.)

-- Phil Oliver
      "I don't want to life forever through my work; I want to
       life forever by not dying" -- Woody Allen  (seems appropriate here)

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