Thanks for making the newsgroop alive

Dallman Ross dman at
Wed Aug 26 23:46:56 EST 1992

Oh, no problem!  :-)

I don't know why you couldn't reach me.  Both my active addresses are in my
.signature file, below.  (The second gets forwarded to the first auto-

 __D_a l_l m a_n  _ R o_s s _ |dman at  /or/  |"You sound like a man|
 l  \\ l\\   /l  /\\  l\\   l |dross at    |with a rubber nose." |
 l   >)l \\ /ll /  \\ l \\  l |vox/fax: 1.510.645.1883| -- One-Lung Bill    |
 l  // l  \X ll/--- \\l  \\ l |350 Perkins St., #108  |     Remmer (deceased)

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