BOOK: Aging, Sex and DNA Repair (Bernstein and Bernstein)

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> Recomends the book: Aging, Sex, and DNA Repair

This book is a good overview of our current understanding of aging.
It received some discussion a couple of months ago in this group.
Of particular interest (at least to me) is the fact they argue that
each cell in our body has 70,000+ "hits" to DNA bases per day.
I've reviewed the sources for these claims and the evidence seems
fairly solid.  The unknown factor is to what degree repair of this
damage is insufficient or erroneous so as to result in cells less able
to respond to stress or containing mutated genes.

>	I am extremely poorly versed in the controversies surrounding the 
>various theories on the evolution of sex, so I will refrain from summarizing
>the authors' arguments  on this issue. Suffice it to say that I found the  
>discussion provocative.
There has been a recent review of this book by AS Kondrashov (Trends in
Genetics (1992) 8(4):149-150).  He argues that the authors have ignored
some of the current literature in their arguments regarding the evolution
of sex.  A recent article by Kondrashov which people may want to read as
well is in Nature (1988) 336(6198) 435-440.

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