Thanks for making the newsgroop alive

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Sun Aug 23 05:10:06 EST 1992

Thanks for making this newsgroop alive again

I am living in a cold climate here in Finland and people seem to live
to a fairly old age, my grandmother lived over 90 years. She was of the
turtle type of humans though. Also I believe pople living in cool
temperatures are more receptable to viruses like arthtitis (English is 
not my strong side... how is that spelled? - anyway) staying warm
is probably healthier but maybe shortens lifespan? Any comments on that?

In a worm-farm here where they were raising worms for fishing purposes
they found out that worms could live doubble the normal lifespan if
food was given only every seccond day instead of every day like normal.
How was that possible? Is that calorie restriction that is working. Worms
do not have any temperature of their own either.

I think this newsgroop is one of the most important for humans, why are
there so many books written in marketing when the key question of 
surviving here on earth longer gets so little attention. Please get 
discussions going here, it is both interesting and important.

Tom Appelqvist, Box 196, 20101  Turku, Finland (east of Sweden)

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