Why does calorie restriction reduce the rate of aging?

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Mon Aug 24 19:14:18 EST 1992

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>... scarcity results in diminished resources going into reproduction...
>So, are you saying that we'll live longer but without any sex drive?
>Longer, but less pleasure?

Well, not really.  I suspect that in animals where sex is tied to 
reproductive capability that CR may result in fewer fertile periods
and therefore less sex.  CR clearly results in fewer offspring per
litter.  In women I have known (dancers or marathon runners) who
cease to menstruate presumably because of high energy expenditure
and low calorie intake and/or reduced body fat reserves have never
indicated that they had less desire or enjoyment from sex.  Of course
there is an implied requirement that both men and women adopt a
preference for bodies which are skinnier than we now usually are.
Arguments can probably be made that people who exercise excessively
do have a diminished sex drive but this may be due to simple fatigue.  

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