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Will Dye willdye at
Mon Aug 24 19:38:15 EST 1992

lagbok at writes:

>... Also I believe pople living in cool
>temperatures are more receptable to viruses like arthtitis (English is 
>not my strong side... how is that spelled? - anyway) staying warm

Your English looks excellent to me, but for the record, it's "arthritis", 
and while it may be caused by a virus, the condition itself is not a 
virus.  We also say "susceptible to viruses", not receptable.  Don't 
worry, you English is still better than many Americans :-)

>I think this newsgroop is one of the most important for humans, why are
>there so many books written in marketing when the key question of 
>surviving here on earth longer gets so little attention. Please get 
>discussions going here, it is both interesting and important.

If you are really serious about living longer through technology, 
check out sci.cryonics.  They are based on the controversial premise 
that you can freeze someone shortly after clinical death, and revive 
them in the far future when technology is better.  

As for marketing, I guess there are more books because there's more 
to say about it that's understandable to a broad audience.  We just 
don't know very much about aging, and what little we do know is 
usually rather technical.  

Greetings to Finland (my ancestors came from Norway),

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