Aging and Cancer

Allan Davison adavison at
Fri Jan 31 02:14:02 EST 1992

jeckel at writes:

>I would be grateful if you have some suggestion about a review article
>or book on "Aging and Cancer".
>Thanks in advance.

>Emilio Jeckel
>Institute for Medical Science of Aging
>Aichi Medical University - Japan

I don't have an answer, but I'd like to see some discussion of the
similarities between aging and cancer. Cancer is clearly a disease 
which primarily affects the aged. To some extent this may simply 
reflect lifelong accumulation of insults: initiators and promoters.
However, loss of DNA repair mechanisms may produce both progeria and
cancer susceptibility (ataxia telangiectasia or bloom's syndrome).
Similarly loss of immunocompetence may contribute to both aging and

I'm a newcomer both to the Net and to Unix, and I'd be sorry to 
see this group fail. The net seems to be of limited use for scientific
discussion, but I'd like to see this change gradually ...  

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