Diane Foster DFOSTER at UA1VM.UA.EDU
Sat Jan 25 23:33:16 EST 1992

Subject:The Death of Ageing at Irlearn (Why?)
      I believe it has something to do with not knowing in what respect
this net serves, or who, or it's purposes or goals.  Is it geriatrics,
gerontology, research, health-care management, problem solving, or what?
Who is it geared toward, the eduator, student, entrepreneur,
baby-boomers with aging parents?  Is it technical, philosophical, or
scientific in nature?  I have posted to this net (though not in a long
time) but never received any responses.  I would like to start anywhere.
     Maybe we just don't know what to talk about.I'm in the process of
getting my undergraduate degree.  Once I've done that I then plan on
getting a masters degree in gerontology.  I'm particularly interested in
the care-giver.  When I read the word euthanasia, I thought about
Initiative 119 that was defeated in Washington State on Nov. 6. 1991
with a record turnout resulting in 54% voting no, and 46% yes.  I don't
know in which direction the owner of this net would like to see it take,
but I'll ask anyone especially those Washingtonians who may have
sensitivities, what their reactions were?  Afterall, euthanasia in
beginning to take on it's own nature as a national issue that will
become more talked about than abortion (just give it time).

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