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> Subject:The Death of Ageing at Irlearn (Why?)
>       I believe it has something to do with not knowing in what respect
> this net serves, or who, or it's purposes or goals.  Is it geriatrics,
> gerontology, research, health-care management, problem solving, or what?
> Who is it geared toward, the eduator, student, entrepreneur,
> baby-boomers with aging parents?  Is it technical, philosophical, or
> scientific in nature?  I have posted to this net (though not in a long
> time) but never received any responses.  I would like to start anywhere.

Upon first finding that this newsgroup existed we were excited that 
there would be discusion of the molecular biology of ageing, assuming that
was the main topic of a newsgroup titled bionet.molbio.ageing. However
other topics concerning ageing, which are numerous, seem very important
as they clearly impact on our understanding of the ageing process and
the environment in which research will take place. 

We would be happy if
there was more activity in this group, as we have already gained
some useful information from our first post, last week. Although our interest
is primarily in biological research, we do have involvements with patient
care, nursing home situations, etc. Any discussion would be welcome.

Thanks for your interest and looking forward to further topics.


Marc E. Weksler, M.D.
Division of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Cornell University Medical College

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