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Allen Smith allens at
Mon Jun 1 02:10:27 EST 1992

In article <9205311713.AA12186 at>, GMP at PSUVM.PSU.EDU writes:
> Whoever Allen is --- you will get old!  You cannot avoid it!  It will
> happen to you.  You haven't the vaguest notion of what the world will
> look to you then, nor do you have any idea what the world looks like
> to an Alzheimer's patient.  You are obviously young.  How about spending
> the time between now and when you get as old as I am to learn how to
> spell simple words in the English language.

        I am working to avoid getting old, and I disagree that it isn't
possible to avoid. I am quite aware of Alzheimer's, although not
(obviously) from the perspective of a patient. I am aware from the
perspective of a family member (admittedly, there was a disagreement
whether it was Alzheimers or simply a series of mini-strokes, but the
ultimate effect was approximately the same).
        Yes, I am young. That doesn't mean I can't think, reason, and come
up with valid concepts. That also doesn't mean that I'm immature enough to
engage in spelling flames.

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