wilson hago ST401896 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Tue Mar 24 22:47:49 EST 1992

Some viewpoints on ageing:

--ageing comes about from breathingand eating. Organisms extract energy from
  oxygen and food. Along the  path from converting  oxygen to water, some
  nasty free radicals are created (e.g. superoxide). These free
  radicals wreak havoc on proteins and DNA, but the food we eat contain
  antioxidants which counter these damages.

--near starvation extends your lifespan because your metabolic rate
  goes down. You breathe less, eat less, live less.

--exercise  is good because you lower your basal metabolic rate. Maximum
  oxygen intake goes down compared to sedentary individuals. It's
  bad to combine near starvation with exercise because  low antioxidant
  levels (due to low food consumption) are accompanied by high free radical
  production (heavy breathing).

Happy ageing!

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