Ageing, Genetics and Population

french at RUST.ZSO.DEC.COM french at RUST.ZSO.DEC.COM
Fri May 29 17:20:23 EST 1992

> How do we handle population problems ( like the one we
> will confront) when the birth rate is high and death
> rate is low?

We currently handle this problem by allowing the elderly to
gradually become enfeebled, and then go through the hell
of dying from cancer, Alzheimers, or any number of other
diseases that accompany old age.

I'd prefer to spend my entire life in a vigorous, robust state
and then, when my time came, end it by taking a pill and going
into the good night as was done in "Soylent Green."

Of course, this begs the question of how you are going to get 
all those people to ignore their survival instinct and peacefully
check out of this world at the appropriate time.   Whatever the
solution is, I think that it will be better than what is done

- Larry French

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