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Cryopreservation in life extension [was Re: Tortoises & cryonics]

gordon e. banks geb at dsl.pitt.edu
Wed May 27 16:04:44 EST 1992

In article <1992May27.190122.5638 at u.washington.edu> rbradbur at hardy.u.washington.edu (Robert Bradbury) writes:

>as good economics).  The politicians and the medical community need to start
>making it clear to people that if we are going to use "public" monies they
>should be used to provide the greatest benifit to the greatest number of
>people possible.  However this in no way should preclude individuals from
>investing/spending their own monies on life preserving/reanimation
So anyone who is poor and has some rare condition can just go off
in a corner and die, eh?  
Thank you, but no thank you.  The public doesn't agree with you,

>This makes me think that the current "flaw" in the whole cryonics
>preservation game is that of preserving only the quiescent heads.
>These non-talking heads :) will have to wait much longer for reanimation
>than those who go the whole body route.

In Orson Scott Card's "Wyrms", the King kept his best counsellors
alive as "talking heads" for up to a millenium.  The heads desired
nothing more than death, but were, of course, impotent to bring
it about.
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