Speculation on error correction [Re: The fountain of youth.]

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Tue May 19 12:11:52 EST 1992

rbradbur at hardy.u.washington.edu (Robert Bradbury) writes:

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> (David A Cooke) writes:

>>	I refuse to believe that the prime cause of aging is DNA damage,
>>no matter how many times you repeat it, Larry.  Until I see some actual
>>scientific evidence for that, I think the question of replacing the human
>>genome is moot.

>Ask and you shall receive....  

I must confess to being a complete doubter -- until yesterday morning.
I did a MEDLINE search on progeria, a syndrome marked by hyperaccelerated
aging.  Much to my surprise, several references had found reduced DNA
repair activity in cells from progeria paper.  Not a smoking gun,
but quite suggestive (I didn't save the references -- sorry).

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