The foutain of youth.

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Fri May 8 13:23:12 EST 1992

> This means by the time you hit 80 ... then every cell in the body 
> has a gene suffering a loss of function due to DNA damage!  

Error correction mechanisms, given enough redundant information,
can be designed to correct errors to an arbitrary precision.  And, 
in the not too distant future, we will be able to design our own
cellular machinery.  So, I would like to see some speculation on
the error correction mechanisms that you might include in the genome
of an immortal being.

Some of the problems that you might want to address are:

   * Would it be better/easier to slow the aging process or to
     freeze a person's age?

   * How would such error-correction mechanisms handle normal 
     differences in the DNA of somatic cells, such as gene 
     expression and gene amplification?

   * How can you preserve the state of a person's DNA without
     also turning off vital functions such as the immune system?

- Larry French

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