age in theory

Einar Arnason einararn at
Sat Feb 13 11:40:05 EST 1993

 I am currently trying to write a paper for the anual biology magazine
of the University of Iceland. I chose to write about agening. I have
read G.C.Williams article (1957) and alson some of teh literature such
as Stearns on the evolution of life histories and so on.

	What i would like to know is wheter there is some newer
summary of agetheory available somewhere ( I mean something like G.C.W.).
I would also really like if people could share their opinion of what such
an article should include and maybe explain where ageing theory is going
to day. Is it going molecular still or is evoltion still ther? I anyone
has any info on death-genes in drosophila or other organisms that would
be nice to...

	Pitur Henry Petersen
	php at
	Deptm. Biology.
	University of Iceland.

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