Talk on Ageing by Prominent Researcher

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Mon Jul 5 23:28:44 EST 1993

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PARC Forum
Thursday July 8, 1993
Xerox PARC Auditorium, 4:00 PM


Leonard Hayflick
University of California, San Francisco

Our finding that normal human and animal cells age in laboratory cultures 
just as they do in the animals or humans from which they were obtained 
overturned the dogma held since the turn of the century that cultured cells 
are immortal.  We proposed that aging results from intracellular events, a 
proposal now widely confirmed.

Two of the observations that support this are: 1) The number of population 
doublings of cultured normal human fibroblasts is inversely proportional 
to donor age.  2) A direct proportionality may exist between population 
doubling potential and the maximum lifespan of many animal species.

It seems that a molecular clock is present in cells.  One recent discovery 
that merits attention is the loss of the telomeric sequences TTAGGG as 
normal cells age in vitro and in vivo.  Could this be the molecular clock?


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