Is this real science or dupication of

Dallman Ross dman at
Fri Jun 4 08:43:15 EST 1993

John Saario (sjohn at wrote:

>  Cell division can be correlated with youth, of course, since developing
>  organisms must increase cell number and are "young" by definition. Does
>  this necessarily mean that if cells never stopped dividing we would never
>  age or die and that this is the answer to stop the process of ageing? It
>  seems a likely point to start research but I don't think that the
>  restriction on the number of times a cell may divide is limiting life span
>  in our society.

Pardon the answer of a non-scientist-but-interested-amateur; but I think
cell division-rate is only part of the equation.  The DNA of older
organisms is much more at the effect of free-radical attack that leads to
mutation.  The more exposure over time, the more mutation and the more
problems there will be dividing successfully.

Well, I think that's close.

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