1 april?

Potter Wickware wick at NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 25 22:12:25 EST 1993

Me too!  The citation I looked for was the review by Obispo in Adv
Gerontol 6:1-39 (1990).  But that journal ceased publication some years
ago.  Next step would be to check other gerontology journals for that
volume and date, on the chance that the citation got scrambled.  Or else
contact the author Robin Weiss, if anyone has an e-mail for him.  

On 25 Jun 1993, Petur Henry Petersen wrote:

> 	There was this extraordinary report in Nature the first of
> April concerning age-research. I simply cant find that number in
> our  library now (sic) so i cant qouite it but...
> 	It was about some miracle-protein extracted from carp.
> 	Was this true and if so does anyone have comments? Or am i
> an april-fool?
> p.henry
> deptm.biology
> U.iceland
> ps: If this text looks funny it is caused by my computer not my twisted mind...

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