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Fri Mar 26 11:03:07 EST 1993

This is a CALL FOR VOTES for the proposed unmoderated Usenet News group:


After a lengthy discussion period in which all responses to the idea
of a group dealing with life extension were positive, here's the
official Call for Votes to create the group,

<> Charter

  The newsgroup would be primarily for the discussion of techniques of
slowing, stopping, and reversing the aging process, from a practical
as well as theoretical standpoint. This includes, as
life-extensionists say, "adding life to years as well as years to
life;" i.e., we'll discuss not just techniques of "extending" what in
some cases might be a state of already senescent decrepitude, but also
ways of restoring and maintaining youth. (The name of the group
implies no stance on the merits of the book, "Life Extension," by
Pearson and Shaw.)

  This topic has received increasing attention in recent years as
research gerontologists have begun to understand the mechanisms of
aging. As interest in this topic has grown, so has discussion on the
Net. The discussion has been scattered across a variety of newsgroups,
including bionet.molbio.aging, sci.cryonics,, and
alt.psychoactives. None of these newsgroups is appropriate to a broad
discussion of life-extension:
  The "bionet" groups are not carried by many sites. In addition, they
are designed as a medium of exchange for professional researchers,
whose professional needs should be respected by other (mostly amateur)
scientists. Moreover, the (intentionally) broad nature of the charter
is designed to create a forum for the discussion of life-extension
from a variety of scientific perspectives -- some falling within the
sphere of molecular biology, some within other areas of biology, and
some not in biology at all (but rather in psychology, cryonics, etc.).
  Sci.cryonics specializes in only one technique of life extension. and alt.psychoactives allow only the limited
discussion of life-extension that falls within the spheres of
nutrition and psychoactive drugs, respectively, and the emphasis of
each is not on life-extension *per se*. A new group would consolidate
the discussion, and would provide a more appropriate forum for the
more general issues related to longevity, which do not fall under the
purview of any current newsgroup.

<> Voting period.

The voting period begins as soon as this CFV is posted, and lasts
until April 17th. Votes received after midnight on 4/17 won't be

<> How to Vote

To vote, mail to bmdelane at

To vote YES, put "YES" in the subject header.

To vote NO, put "NO" in the subject header.

If you use rn, trn, or something similar you can hit 'r' at the end of
this article and edit the "Subject:" header appropriately. (Don't
worry if in my address "midway" is replaced with something else when
you hit 'r'; it will still get to me.)

Other unambiguous mailings will also count, but it will be less work
for me if you follow the above instructions.

Ideally, your emailed vote would look like one of the following:

     Subject: YES
     Subject: NO

There will be two mass acknowledgements posted during the voting
period; one will be posted around 3/31, and the other around 4/10. The
final vote tally will be posted at the end of the vote. This final
tally will indicate how everyone voted so that people can correct
their votes if mistakes are found.

If anyone votes more than once only the most recent vote will count.

-Brian Delaney.

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