"Just Enough Health" causes the greatest life span.

mandioca at u.washington.edu mandioca at u.washington.edu
Fri May 28 20:03:10 EST 1993

    I wrote:

       "An excess bout of Androgens, like adrenaline, has been 
       shown to impair the immune system.
       Soon after Salmon spawn, they die -- FROM INFECTIONS."

Similarly, high stress will cause zits, by this same
immuno suppression response.  Zits are a good measure
of EXCESS health (i.e. activity).

    I also wrote:

        "Health" (i.e. activity) must be moderated 
        to achieve greater longevity.

    And Tim objected, writing:
        "Seems like a silly definition of health to me."

I like it.  Health IS activity.  Life IS activity.
If you don't like the definition then don't use it.

    Further objecting he writes:
         "Assuming that CR is done to the proper extent, 
         restricted animals are just as active as the ad-libitum 
         fed ones.  The people on sci.life-extension who do CR 
         say it doesn't restrict their activity."

Higher levels of CR give higher longevity IF the health
is "sufficient".  Personally, I think dying at 19 is ok
if one had a "hell of a blazing life".

      He continues:
         "Standard calorie restriction references [are . . .]"

I've PLENTY of references -- thanks anyway.

    And he asks:

        "What does it mean to achieve longevity?"

What do you mean: "What do I mean?"?

  lon7gev7i7ty n (1615)
    [LL longaevitas, fr. L longaevus long-lived, fr. longus long + aevum age P more at AYE]
      1a: a long duration of individual life
       b: length of life < a study of >
      2: long continuance; esp: SENIORITY 

        ``Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.''
        [Moralitat ist Herden-Instinkt in Einzehlen.]
    FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE 18441900 -- Jenseits von Gut und Bose, 116

       ``Do not do unto others as you would they should do unto you.
         Their tastes may not be the same.''
      Maxims for Revolutionists (by `John Tanner'): `The Golden Rule'.

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