"Just Enough Health" causes the greatest life span.

Timothy Freeman tsf at CS.CMU.EDU
Fri May 28 21:51:39 EST 1993

mandioca at u.washington.edu wrote:
   "Health" (i.e. activity) must be moderated to achieve greater longevity.
   But, Caloric Restriction is also "Health" restriction.

And I wrote:
   The people on
   sci.life-extension who do CR say it doesn't restrict their activity.

And then mandioca at u.washington.edu wrote:
   Higher levels of CR give higher longevity IF the health
   is "sufficient".  Personally, I think dying at 19 is ok
   if one had a "hell of a blazing life".

The assertion in question is "Calorie restriction is activity
restriction".  Legitimate ways to continue the conversation are to say
you really meant something else, to argue for the assertion, or to
give up on the assertion.  It looks to me like you're trying to use
misdirection instead.  If calorie restriction is activity restriction,
then why aren't the people and animals who have their calories
restricted also forced to limit their activity?  I'm assuming that
"activity" here means the amount you generally move your body around;
if you use some obscure redefinition of "activity" at the same time
you redefine "health" to mean "activity", then this conversation is a
total loss.
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