"Just Enough Health" causes the greatest life span.

mandioca at u.washington.edu mandioca at u.washington.edu
Sat May 29 17:22:12 EST 1993

  Tim wrote:

     ``The people on sci.life-extension who do CR [Caloric 
     Restriction] say it doesn't restrict their activity."
     . . . The assertion in question is:
       "Caloric Restriction is activity restriction".
     . . . If calorie restriction is activity restriction,
     then why aren't the people and animals who have 
     their calories restricted also forced to limit 
     their activity?
     . . . I'm assuming that "activity" here means the 
     amount you generally move your body around;''

I mean metabolic activity.
If I could lay still all day, I'd still burn
about 2,000 calories.

Your: "Caloric Restriction is activity restriction"
statement is ABSURD.

My assertion is: (Contrary to the sci.life-extension dudes)

  "The benefits of CR are, in fact, actually the benefits of 
  health (aka activity) restriction."

Excessive "Health" (i.e. activity, i.e. steroids)
not only results in Zits, it also causes such immuno 
suppression symptoms as HERPES, etc.  The Androgens 
cause sugars and fats to be released into the blood 

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