apoptosis and necrosis

Richard Lockshin rick at sjubiol.stjohns.edu
Fri Apr 8 22:39:52 EST 1994

Subject: Re: apoptosis and necrosis
Newsgroups: bionet.molbio.ageing
Tae H. Kim tkim at reed.edu writes
>Regarding lysosomal and non-lysosomal PCD, I would like know if 
>these two serve different functions in regards to development 
>and physiology. I would appreciate any references that you might have concerning these two pathways(?)
>of PCD.
see the following:
Schweichel, J. U. and Merker, H. J.  (1973) The morphology
of various types of cell death in prenatal tissues.  
Teratology. 7, 253-266.
Clarke, P. G. H.  (1990) Developmental cell death:  Morphological diversity
and multiple mechanisms.  Anat. Embryol. 181, 195-213.
Beaulaton J and Lockshin RA (1982) The relation of programmed 
cell death to development and reproduction:  comparative studies
and an attempt at classification.  Int. Rev. Cytol.  29:
a group of us are developing a paper to bring back to attention
these forgotten papers.  There is no particular theory, except
to note that cell debris is consumed either by intracellular
lysosomes (autophagic vacuoles) or by vacuoles in other cells
(phagocytosis).  The former is commonly seen in insects and
in tissues such as the mammary gland, but other than the
papers listed above it hasn't been well worked out.

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