Hayflick limit wrong ?

Leonid Gavrilov gavrilov at aeiveos.uucp.free.msk.su
Mon Apr 25 11:32:33 EST 1994

Dear AGEING LIST subscribers,

   I would like to know the current situation for the discovery of the 
authors mentioned below, that simple change of composition of the cell 
culture medium could eliminate cellular senescence: 

    Loo, D.T., Fuquay, J.I., Rawson, C.L. and Barnes, D.W. (1987). 
Extended culture of mouse embryo cells without senescence: inhibition by 
serum. Science 236, 200-202. 

   These authors demonstrated that normal diploid mouse embryo cells, which 
under standard conditions manifest a growth crisis after 7-10 population 
doublings, may be successfully cultivated without any sign of an 
approaching growth crisis for at least 200 population doublings. All that is 
necessary is to change the composition of the culture medium (excluding 
blood serum and adding a number of ingredients, including the epidermal 
growth factor). In this case the cells, which are apparently capable of 
unlimited multiplication, remain diploid and nontumorigenic.

   If that is true, then the claim of Dr.Hayflick that all diploid cells 
have intrinsic limit to cell division, is definitely wrong. 

   Does anybody know whether the results of these authors were reproduced 
or disproved ?  

   Does anybody knows the present addresses (E-mail in particular) of these 
authors ? 


   Dr.Leonid A.Gavrilov, Ph.D.

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