A World Wide Web site for aging research

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Tue Aug 16 19:23:34 EST 1994

 We are at a point in time where we MUST start doing things a little differently, I say
this because from this point on we must all communicate and I mean communicate.
Today it is possible for someone doing research on the other side of the planet to
find out what you are doing in your lab today and not 4 months from today.
    As time is rather important, I thought that we should establish a WWW
( World Wide Web ) site that is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge
with regards to the aging process and efforts that could lead to a way of
stopping the process altogether. I believe that the WWW is the best medium
for creating an environment where people in the field of aging can share information
 in many formats ( Text, pictures, sound, hypertext and video).

     I imagine a system that would have links to labs around the world that are
involved in the field. Each lab would have it's own WWW HOME PAGE that
would give a short history of the lab, who are the people that work at the
 lab ( maybe everyone in the lab could have there own  HOME PAGE  so
 that the world could get to know what there thoughts are on the subject), a picture
 of the lab, the papers that have been written their, what is currently being
 done, and links to other lab that are doing similar research.

    I would like to ask everyone who reads this to send me your suggestions
 on this subject and also post your responses to this news group.

    If there are people who do not know what the World Wide Web is I
 suggest that they ask to see it in action, so talk to someone in your
 computer department and ask them to give you a demonstration. If you can not
 find anyone who knows anything about it, I would be pleased to send
 you some information.

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