Jeffrey Lee Sturges boogie at iastate.edu
Thu Aug 25 16:24:40 EST 1994

I think this is a very good idea.  I just wanted to contribute my support
to this...  I think it is the direction things will go over the next few

Someone voiced concerns over "idea theft" and the fear to print something
that has not yet been published.  Unfortunately for science, this is 
probably a real fear.  Anyone have any thoughts on this, or how this
problem might be dealt with on WWW?

What exactly WOULD the advantages be for WWW over this newsgroup? 
Graphics?  Searching for labs in a particular field?  More permanent
catalogging of "posts"?  Easier to search for current information on
specific subjects?  Are these correct?  What more?  (I have access to
WWW, but have never really had a good reason to explore its potential).

Jeff Sturges
Masters student, BB/EE, ISU

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