Regional Variations In Longevity Rates Correlated

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 Numerous studies around the world have discovered large differences in 
longevity and cardiovascular death rates correlated with the magnesium 
level of drinking water.  In the US, the southwest has high levels of 
magnesium and high longevity, while the northeast is low in magnesium 
and longevity.  Clinical studies and intervention studies substantiate 
the magnesium connection.

Now Governor Wilson of California has convened a panel of medical 
experts to figure out how to put this knowledge to work to improve the 
longevity of Californians.  Here is a progress report:


In January, 1994 I sent Dr. Troxell at the FDA my paper,  "Calculations 
of American Deaths Caused by Magnesium Deficiency, As Projected From 
International Data"  which indicated that nearly 8 MILLION Americans 
have died from magnesium deficiency since 1940.  Dr. Troxell recently 
informed me that he is not qualified to review my paper, nor is anyone 
else at the FDA.  He informed me that only the Senior Science Advisor, a 
consultant to the FDA, could review it. He didn't know when the Senior 
Science Advisor's report would be completed.  He informed me that the 
Senior Science Advisor was Dr. Elkan Blout, but did not have an address 
or telephone number for him; he said Dr. Blout can be reached through 
the office of the Commissioner of Foods and Drugs, Dr. David Kessler.

2.  The FDA invited me to submit a Citizen's Petition for the voluntary 
fortification of beverages with magnesium.  The petition is enclosed.  
The FDA has by law 6 months to answer petitions from the date of 
submittal.  Due Date: 4/3/95.

3.  The National Institute of Health may be planning a General Review of 
magnesium, according to Dr. Mildred Seelig.

4.  Governor Wilson of California on March 23, 1994 instructed Dr. Larry 
Barrett to examine the magnesium problem and report back to the 
governor.  That report is not yet complete as of this writing, 12/11/94.

5.  Dr. C. Everett Koop, retired Surgeon General of the United States, 
wrote me that "A good case can be made for the correlation of 
cardio-vascular death with magnesium deficient water."

6.  Mr. John Albers, Chairman and CEO of Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up Cos., wrote 
me a friendly letter open to the possibility of fortifying beverages 
with magnesium, contingent on the approval of the FDA and other 

7.  United States Senator Barbara Boxer of California wrote me, 
"Scientific research suggests that magnesium deficiency may increase the 
risk of a variety of medical conditions, including heart attacks and 
high blood pressure.  I would certainly support additional efforts to 
inform Americans about the health risks associated with magnesium 

8.  Dr. Michael Jacobson at the Center For Science In The Public 
Interest in Washington writes that his institute may be getting "more 
involved" in bringing the magnesium problem to the attention of the 

Dr. Marx, a consultant to the Ca. Dept. of Health, is convening a panel 
in Dec. 1994 to decide what to do about the apparent deaths.  The panel 
is to include Dr. Larry Barrett, Dr. Raymond Neutra, Dr. Arthur Marx, 
all from the Dept. of Health, and also Dr. Neil Kohatsu from the Office 
of Clinical Preventive Medicine, Dr. Allen Flagle, pharmacologist, Dr. 
David Spath from the Office of Drinking Water, and Dr. Carl Keen from U. 
C. Davis., and Dr. Mildred Seelig, a magnesium specialist from Atlanta. 
  Others may be added, and the panel is to make recommendations before 
Christmas.   Their report is expected to be released by Jan. 17, 1995.

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