Female/Male Ageing

Cathy Woodgold woodgold at seismo.emr.ca
Fri Dec 16 10:24:46 EST 1994

Women tend to live longer than men.  A diagram I saw suggests to me
that it's POSSIBLE that cigarrette smoking is the main reason;  this
will change in the future, I think, since smoking is now popular
in both sexes.  But there may be other reasons.  Women may tend to
do more cooking and perhaps to eat healthier food.  Genetics can't
be ruled out.

I also heard that married women live shorter than unmarried women,
while married men live longer than unmarried men.  There could be
various reasons ... child care can be quite stressful, especially
for women ... but my pet theory is that the main reason is that
when people get married, the woman influences the man to improve his
diet, while the man influences the woman to eat more junk food!

Pesticides cause cancer and can largely be eliminated.

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