Sex, girls and caloric restrictions

Robert Luly luly at
Tue Dec 27 16:56:44 EST 1994

Vincenzo Nardi-Dei (vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP) wrote:

: Robert Luly wrote:

: >2. Married men AND women outlive unmarried men AND women, on average.

: This is very interesting. My grandfather died at 106 years.
: He used to say that to live long one must enjoy sex with   
: many girls.
: I do agree with him, moreover I do agree that enjoying many girls
: is surely more pleasant than to stay in caloric restrictions and
: low fat diet.

: Ciao

: Vincenzo
I would rather be lucky than smart any day, but I am not very lucky so I 
am trying to be smart and going with the odds :)

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