Cancer Enzyme A Necrosis Inhibiter?

Robert Luly luly at
Sat Dec 31 19:58:35 EST 1994

John Thomas Renfro (ren at wrote:
: Geron Corporation, Menlo Park, California, have discovered that virtually 
: all human tumors contain a unique enzyme that blocks the biological
: clocks of the tumor cells.

: What if a similar enzyme were introduced into normal human cells so that
: their DNA doesn't deteriorate when the normal cells divide?

: Wouldn't this be an immortal creature? And what would be the implications
: of such a discovery?
I assume you are refering to telomeres and telomerase. My understanding 
is that telomeres insure the accuracy of DNA transcription so they do serve a 
purpose. Cancer dosn't care what it looks like it just wants to be 
imortal so it can fool around with the telomeres and not worry about the 
side effects. If we are careful we may be able to benifit from what we 
learn from cancer not just cure it. Lets hope so.

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