Magnetic Field and Ageing

Marko Kapalla kapalla at
Mon Jan 24 11:31:55 EST 1994

Hallo everyone,

 Did any of you consider an influence of magnetic field (mg.field)   
of different intensities on ageing or lifespan, respectively?
 It is clear that the cell or the whole organism must respond to such
a powerful enviromental factor as mg.field for sure is.
 Many of you might know about that many times denied Philadelphia
Experiment, performed during the 2nd WW. Proceeding form Albert
Einstein's theory of unitar field, they have tried to make a warship
invisible using mg. field of enormous intensity. What is important of 
this experiment, is the strong influence of mg.fileld on all the
living forms aboard including soliders, barins of who were terribly
 On the other hand if the organism stays for some period in the no
mg.field conditions it dies due to collapse of its biorhytms. 
And right this biorhytms, in my opinion, might be one of the keys to
ageing. So, if we could control them through mg.field we might be
able to control an ageing on a little bit higher level then the
molecular one.
 Please, let me know how do you see the above mentioned, and whether
there is the laboratory somewhere on this planet where they are 
interested in all this (if it is not TOP SECRET, of course).

Thank you very much for paying attention

Marko KAPALLA, currently at the 5th year of my study
Dept of Biochemistry
Mlynska Dolinna, CH-1
Comenius University, 842 15 Bratislava
P.S. I relize that scientist should avoid refering to uncertain
     sources of information (Philadelphia Experiment) but anyway,
     somtimes, it can be helpful.

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