Extended ageing in Microchiroptera

Xavier DRAYE draye at gena.ucl.ac.be
Wed Nov 2 03:21:22 EST 1994

Sydney SHALL wrote:

>Is there any reason to suppose that there is a correlation between body
>size and longevity?

In mammals, Sacher (1978) found a functional relation between longevity and
some anatomical and physiological dimensions (body size, body weight, brain
size, etc). As a noticable exception, Peromyscus leucopus lives 2.5 times
as long as Mus musculus, although both have similar body sizes.

Sacher G.A. Evolution of longevity and survival characteristics in mammals.
In: The genetics of ageing, Schneider E.L. (Ed), Plenum press, NY, 1978.
Sacher G.A. and Hart R.W. Longevity, aging and the comparative cellular and
molecular biology of the house mouse, Mus musculus, and the white-footed
mouse, Peromyscus leucopus. In: Genetic effects on aging, Harrison D.H.
(Ed), R. Liss, NY, 1977.

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