CR side meeting at the AAMBT2010 conference

Stephen Mehalek mehalek at
Thu Nov 3 14:32:52 EST 1994

I have been practicing Caloric Restriction (CR) for the last 4
years, and I will be attending the "2nd Annual Conference on Anti-Aging
Medicine & Biomedical Technology" in Las Vegas (Dec 4-6).  I think
this would be a good time to start the foundations of a CR Society.
I know of at least on other CR practioner who would like to hold a
small side meeting at the Conference dedicated to CR and forming a
CR society.  I suspect a number of other CR practioners, among them
Dr. Walford, will be attending.

If you are interested in meeting with other CR practioners at the
Conference or forming a CR Society, please send your email address
to mehalek at  I will be the defacto coordinator for
scheduling the CR side meeting(s) at the Conference, I'll will query
all of you for the best initial time and place.

All email addresses will be kept confidential.

Stephen Mehalek

Stephen Mehalek     mehalek at

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