Free Radicals- where should I go?

Amy Caudy acaudy at FREENET.COLUMBUS.OH.US
Sat Nov 5 17:13:20 EST 1994

I am a high school student.  After a science fair project treating poultry
projects with NaClO to kill bacteria, I became very interested in free
radical reactions.  I developed an experiment where I tested the effect of
the xanthine-xanthine oxidase system on plasmid pBR322.  I sucessfully
(and unknowingly) duplicated M. Rozenberg-Arska et. al.'s work published
in the Journal of General Microbiology 131,3325-3330 -- in 1985 =(  
	I learned that I should have gone back more than 5 years in
my journal search (access to Biosis or Medline or any such thing is
difficult for me) but I still want to continue my work.  I have been
looking at the xanthine-xo system on viruses, but those protein coats are
tough stuff.  (It is still interesting, though, because of the immune
system implications.)  
	Anyway, I have considered purifying flavanoids from various foods
and using them in my DNA system to see how they affect the time-loss of
transformation curve. However, I know little about flavanoid metabolism in
the body.  Do they cross the nuclear membrane?  Is there any flavanoid
interaction with DNA?  Am I totally off base?  Also, how would I determine
appropriate flavanoid concentrations?  I realize that I would be examining
a mixture of compounds, but there has certainly been debate that Vitamin
A, C, and E are not the enterity of our dietary protectants.
	I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that anyone might have.
 Thank you very much.

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