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Sat Nov 12 12:10:42 EST 1994

  I maintain the WWW site for aging and on November the 9th I
recieved an E-Mail from the Museum of Natural History in New York City.
The Museum plans to include the information about the site in an
upcoming news letter. I would like to ask the people who are 
doing research in the field of biological aging if they would like
to include there lab on the WWW site. People who look at the 
site will be able to see where the lab is, what type of research is 
being done, who the members of the lab are,  etc.
  A copy of the E-Mail is provided below:

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Date: Wed, 9 Nov 94 22:35:35 -0500
From: dan <dan at>
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To: sgaran at

I saw yr page after starting research for
a project i am doing with the Museum of
Natural History in NYC. I am the Managing
Editor of the Electronic Newspaper at the museum.
Our next issue(january) will have a feature
piece on Aging. The Newspaper is available
via kiosk in the Hall of Human Biology and
evolution. I just wanted to make contact at
this early stage to see if you might wish
to participate in some way...

Thanks and please feel free to email me.

                        END OF LETTER

If you have not seen our WWW site as yet please feel 
free to use it, the address is:

Please send any details about your lab to Steven A. Garan,
my E-Mail address is        sgaran at

Best Regards


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