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Mon Sep 12 13:58:36 EST 1994

Tim Ros (tim.ros at wrote:

> I am trying to find the addresses for GENBANK 

The address for GenBank is:

National Center for Biotechnology Information 
Building 38A, Rm 8N-803
National Library of Medicine, 
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD, 20894, USA
telephone: (301) 496-2475
fax:       (301) 480-9241
sequence submissions:    gb-sub at
sequence update:         update at
Email to a real person:    info at

> ... and BIOCAN (the Canadian 
> equivalent to BIOSCI. If you have one of them (or both), please 
> send it to me at "tim.rose at". Thanks

Do you mean the newsgroup?  ThRis is best done by getting the information document
from the powers that be .... to do this, send an email message to:

biosci at

and you will get a reply mail with the info you want.



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