AGING Processes - Many? A Definition?

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> Many Processes
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> This thread appears to have mirrored the vaguaries of evolution and 
> suffered some form of semantic drift.  I originally proposed that 
> aging (of whole individual organisms) might better be seen as a
> complex interaction of many (not-necessarily universal) processes -
> many of which are known.

Could not the process that we call ageing merely be a summation of side 
effects of the process we call healthy life?

If life is a system of a large number of variables and feedback loops all 
trying to keep the system stable, then Chaos theory shows that eventually 
the process of stabilisation must fail. I suspect that there is quite a lot 
we can do to put off the evil day, but without a total redesign of the 
system we will never be able to totally eliminate ageing. 

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