Hayflick Limit Wrong !

Leonid A.Gavrilov ageing at ilr.rc.ac.ru
Thu Aug 24 13:40:59 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,

   We are glad to inform the scientific community about scientific debates
between Dr.Leonard Hayflick and ourselves published in BIOESSAYS,
1994, vol.16, No.8, pp.591-593 where we have provided the evidence
that the idea of fixed number of cell divisions (Hayflick limit)
is wrong !

   We are going to discuss this issue on the III European Congress
of Gerontology in Amsterdam on August 31.

   For those persons who are interested in our scientific results but
are not able to attend the Congress we could come and give a seminar
since we will be travelling across the Europe giving lectures and seminars
in European scientific centers from August 25 until September 20 and perhaps
later. In particular, we shall arrive in the UK on September 13 and spend
there some days.

   Since tomorrow morning we have a flight to Belgium, please do not
send your response to this Russian E-mail address. Instead you can
reach us at the following address:

           wunsch at demo.ucl.ac.be

Please do not forget to indicate in the Subject that your message is
for Dr.Leonid A.Gavrilov, Ph.D. and Dr.Natalia S.Gavrilova,Ph.D.

   Sincerely yours,

   Dr.Leonid A.Gavrilov, Ph.D.
   Member of the Council of the Russian Gerontological Society

   Dr.Natalia S.Gavrilova, Ph.D.
   Senior Research Scientist, Russian Academy of Sciences

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