Drug Metabolism in the elderly: Role of Cytochrome P450 - Help

John Green j_green at nimr.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Dec 1 12:20:36 EST 1995

I'm posting this on behalf of someone else who, for various reasons
does not have easy access to the 'net. Please send any replies by
email please, because I don't normally watch this group!


John Green (j_green at nimr.mrc.ac.uk)


I am a final year student at Queens University Belfast studying pharmacy.
As part of my final year studies I am undertaking a project which 
of a limit of 15,000 words. This project must be submitted by April 20th.
1996. I have enclosed a copy of the project title and description.

I would be most grateful if you could provide me with some information or
references relating to this topic, or other persons who may have
experience in this area of study.

Imelda Mulholland.

Project Title:

 "Drug Metabolism in the elderly. The role of the Cytochrome P450 Super
Family of isoenzymes."


Cytochrome P450 is the most important enzyme system in relation to drug
metabolism. It has become evident that it is not a single entity but 
exists in
multiple forms known as isoenzymes. Animal studies have shown that
there is an age associated decline in phase one drug metabolism and this
may be partly attributed to a reduced metabolising activity of a number 
important isozymes. This project will review this enzyme system and
assess the importance of Cytochrome P450 isoenzymes in the elucidation
of changing patterns of drug metabolism in the elderly. 

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