Melatonin study

Kevin Goldstein keving at
Fri Dec 1 14:28:49 EST 1995

Found this on Jo, are you, or anyone else on here, 
familiar with this study? Without knowing more about it, it's impossible to 
know if the study is valid.

In article <49ic4l$bq3 at> tarkava at (Todd Arkava) writes:
>From: tarkava at (Todd Arkava)
>Subject: melatonin
>Date: 29 Nov 1995 19:26:13 GMT

>        Just in case anyone was into that new melatonin craze, just thought
>you might like to know it may not work.  A study involving hamsters found that
>when injected with melatonin, the hamsters showed a phase shift in their
>circadian period (body clock), but also they exhibited the change when
>injected with saline.  They then cannulated the hamsters to inject melatonin
>without handling the animals.  The results: no phase change from melatonin
>infusion.  They therefore determined that the handling of the hamster caused
>the pahse shift, not the melatonin.  Bottom line: melatonin may not effect
>your body clock since scientists are still unsure as to how the SCN (central
>pacemaker) influences circadian rhythms.  I've seen it advertised as a sleep
>aid, probably just hokey.  

>        Just my $.02
>        -Todd

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