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: >        If you want to continue to experiment with melatonin, I suggest
: >that you switch brands (in case the #2 explanation applies) and take
: >a much smaller dose, perhaps 500 micrograms --- 0.5 milligrams.  I have
: >a good friend who took a 3 mg. dose of KAL brand melatonin and was
: >awake all night long.  A very bizarre experience.  She switched to
: >another brand (Life Extension) and dropped the dose down to 1 mg.
: >She slept like a log and has had no trouble ever since.
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: A question on dosages, Jo. How much are you feeding your rats (mice?) in your 
: experiement?

	** Mice.  They get 1 mg of melatonin per liter of water.  I take
the melatonin water away in the daytime so they only have the hormone at
	 And do you know what that amounts to in mg/kg?

	The melatonin-treated mice weigh, on average, 37 grams when
last weighed.  The control mice -- 33.3 grams.  If you've visited my
home page recently, you can see the difference in size at a gland.
	 Also, do you know 
: what the doses were in some of the published studies that showed life 
: extension properties for mice? (Again in mg/kg, since I don't know how much 
: those critters drink in a day.)
	I surely do.  In the Maestroni/ Pierpaoli experiments, the mice
were given 10 micrograms per ml.  In the Oaknin-Bendahan study, the rats
were given 4 mg/liter.   

: Well, OK, that was three questions.
	That's all?


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