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: In article <49hphh$m3p at>, Etha Schlemermeyer <etha at> says:
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: >After reading several postings about
: >negative experiences with Melatonin 
: >and also experiences some of my friends
: >had I wonder if the addition of B Vitamin
: >may play a role? All of the people I
: >talked to who had negative experiences
: >with M took a preparation that was combined
: >with B Vitamin.
: >Also, I must admit that "the pure stuff"
: >taken from labs in "the early days" was
: >definitely better than any prep on the
: >market. I hate pills, and don't under-
: >stand the reason for putting fillers in
: >with the prep, at least not that much.
: >
: >Etha

: I first took a preparation that includud Vitamin B6. I woke up throughout 
: the night each night. I switched to a brand without B6 and sleep soundly 
: every night since. 

: I also happen to be hypersensitive to most stimulants...for example,
: Nyquil keeps me awake all night because of the small amount of stimulants 
: in it. Don't know if this has a bearing on the B6 reaction or not.

: Any speculation from the experts?

	I've heard the very same complaints about melatonin laced with
B-6.  THere's no earthly reason to put B-6 in those preparations (although
it might help with the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin to melatonin,
you are already supplying the body with melatonin.)  I have also heard
complaints about a brand called Source Natural.
	THere are a number of companies that are selling melatonin as
pure as it comes (according to their last assays).  THis list inclues
Life Extension, ALlergy Research and Cardiovascular Research.  THey are 
all mail order companies.  (I list their 1-800 numbers on my home page Reiter nor I have any connection
with a melatonin supplier.

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