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On Tue, 5 Dec 1995, David Gore wrote:

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> >: I'm still not clear on how much total melatonin they get: am I to assume 
> that 
> >: they drink a liter of water a day? (!!!) Without knowing how much they 
> drink 
> >: in a night, I can't calculate their dosage in mg/kg.
> >
> >        Kevin - You're right, there's no way to calculate how much they
> >are getting when using this delivery method.  Maestroni in Switzerland
> >just completed a study in which he gave mice melatonin by injection. I'll
> >e-mail him and ask what dose he was using.
> >        Jo
> Why not weigh the water each evening and each morning? The difference would 
> be how much water they drank (you may have to allow for some evaporation).
> Dave Gore
	That would work.  THe problem is, my "study" is far too small (10 mice 
in all) to come up with significant data.  As I explained in an earlier 
posting, I designed this study to come up with pilot data to prompt 
researchers in the field to do it in a full-scale version.  I cannot 
believe that no U.S. researchers have conducted an anti-aging experiment 
involving melatonin --- all the while they cast aspersions upon the 
studies done outside the U.S.


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