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To: All physicians, nurses and other medical professionals

Subject: Conference on Integrative East-West Medicine

Date: February 14-17, 1996 (Wednesday to Saturday). 

Good News!

The UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
presents the 
     "International Conference on Integrative East-West Medicine
     '96,  Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine in your
     Practice to Enhance Patient Care" 
(Sponsored by: UCLA School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical
Education and UCLA Center for Pacific Rim Studies) 
at the Miramar Sheraton Hotel, 101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa
Monica, California 90401, February 14-17, 1996 (Wednesday to
The conference chairman is Center Director Ka Kit Hui, M.D.,
F.A.C.P., Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of 

Conference Description:         This four-day intensive clinically-
oriented conference is designed for physicians and other health-
care professionals interested in learning about traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM) and in incorporating this system of medicine into
their practice and lifestyle. The focus will be on modern concepts
and applications of TCM as well as its practical synergistic
integration with modern western medicine in clinical care. The case
discussion format with demonstration and hands-on experience using
patients and cases from the Center clinic will be used throughout
this educational event to:

1) Illustrate the similarities and differences between traditional
     Chinese medicine and modern western medicine as well as their
     respective strengths and weaknesses in their approach to

2) Show how integration of the two systems of medicine can be
     utilized to improve patient care.
3) Optimize the learning of essential acupuncture points, Chinese
     herbs and formulas as well as health-promoting TCM mental and
     physical exercise.

During this conference, discussion of modern research findings,
sharing of clinical pearls, hands-on teaching and demonstrations
with patients will be delivered by an international panel of
faculty who are experienced physicians/clinical
investigators/educators well-versed in integrative East-West
medicine. Attendees will also learn some simple health enhancing
exercises and methods for their own use.

Objectives:     At the conclusion of the conference, the
participants will acquire new clinical problem-solving ideas and
skills from TCM that  they can easily apply to patient management.
These concepts and techniques have been taught to medical students
and residents and used successfully in the Center clinic in patient
care at UCLA. At the end of the first two days, participants will
be able to:

1) have a basic understanding of the theory, diagnostic skills and
     treatment principles and techniques used in TCM

2) understand how to integrate TCM with conventional medicine in
     optimizing patient care, and

3) appreciate the progress of modern research on TCM and
     integrative East-West medicine.

The one-day hands-on session involving acupuncture will familiarize
participants with the location and effects of 20 key acupuncture
points as well as their application in the treatment of medical
conditions commonly encountered in clinical practice. The one-day
in-depth session on Chinese herbal medicine will allow participants
to master the properties and effects of  20 commonly used herbs and
10 herbal formulas as well as their application in the treatment of
common medical problems.
Attendees are encouraged to bring cases for discussion.

Who should attend:      Primary care physicians, internal medicine
specialists, pain specialists, nurses, dietitians, physician
assistants and other health-care professionals who wish to add a
new dimension to their understanding of an approach to health and

The main topics include:        
"Why Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? How Does It Differ
     From Western Medicine?", 
"How TCM Practitioners Diagnose And Treat Patients", 
"Basic Concepts Of TCM And Modern Research Findings", 
"TCM Differential Diagnosis And Treatment Principles",
"Introduction To Chinese Physical And Mental Exercises: Tai-Chi And
"Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture In The United States: An Overview
     Of The Regulation, Products And Patterns Of Use", 
"Introduction To Chinese Herbal Medicine/Dietetics", 
"Clinical Application And Pharmacological Basis Of Chinese Herbal
"Introduction To Acupuncture And Other Forms Of Acupoint
"Scientific Research And Modern Use Of Acupuncture". 

Also included are detailed discussions with hands-on demonstrations
of modalities (common and important acupuncture points and herbs)
that can be integrated with conventional Western medicine for
symptom control and management of common conditions such as:
women's health problems, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia,
chronic degenerative diseases, vascular diseases, stress and

For more information and a Registration Form, please 
call (310) 206-1876, fax (310) 206-0370, 
email at: epang at (Elaine Pang), or 
write to:      UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, Suite 420, 200
               Medical Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

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