Melatonin-dose for anti-aging

Robert Horley roberth at IINET.NET.AU
Mon Dec 11 08:56:10 EST 1995

At 02:20 12/10/95 -0700, Kevin Goldstein wrote:
>We don't care how much water they drank *total*, only how much melatonin-laced 
>water they drank, and that _would_ be determined by weighing the water before 
>and after replacing it each day. Look back at what we are trying to do here.
>-Kevin Goldstein

Kevin has been asking a very simple question, which can be answered easily
within the framework of the present experiment.
Do I sense a little obfuscation and a deliberate effort not to answer the
Could this be due to the fact that the one time I saw the actual doses given
in mouse experiments written up, they were much much larger per unit of body
weight than the amounts that the authors of pro-melatonin books tell people
to take.  Could it be that they don't want to set themselves up for a court
case if people take the actual mouse doses and there are unwanted side
effects, and also don't want their readers to know that the tiny amounts
they recommend probably wont work very well for life extension purposes.
If the experts wont come clean, then I'll go through my old records and try
to find the actual doses.

Robert Horley

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