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: Or could it be a mole that has always been a melanoma or a mole
: that is now becoming a melanoma?  And if so, do melanomas usually

As far I recall, these are all classic symptoms of skin melanoma.

: If it is a melanoma, do days matter?  In other words, it may take

I don't know, but either you or your friend needs to see a specialist

: 5 days to get a proper biopsy vs cutting it out himself in an
: improper way now and sending it for analysis.  He has the
: necessary scalpel and Formalin preservative.

: Could irritation from massaging have created some type of
: melanoma change in it?

Skin cancer is generally due to solar irradiation.  But rancid oil is
not good either.  A melanoma's growth is limited by its blood
supply, so massaging massaging could also have been bad.

: Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Can't wait for the cardiac patients to hit the 'net.
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