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In 1984 the FDA, using certain arbitrary powers, deemed that DHEA
was a drug. They then had the responsibility to go before the
Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) within 60 days and show
cause. They granted themselves an extension instead. DHEA was then
kept off the market for the next ten years by continuous extensions.

In 1994 Orin Hatch offered up a bill which eventually passed,
albiet watered down, as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education
Act. This  was signed into law by Clinton in Oct. 1994. It striped
the FDA of their  arbitrary powers. The FDA must hold an open
hearing with HHS and after showing cause and getting permission can
remove a dietary supplement off the market. This in effect made DHEA
available again as a nutritional supplement..

I have been offering DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) for some time

Our DHEA is NOT an extract from the wild (Mexican, Peruvian or
African) yam. It is NOT the herbal extract called Dioscorea. It
does NOT contain the various plant-based sterols which supposedly
can be metabolized into pregnenolone and other steroids. 


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comment on why DHEA was taken off the open market by the  >FDA? I
understand it used to be available freely.  >
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